WordPress Training

Devadigm, a Cape Cod Web Developer, provides WordPress Training. We offer one on one and group classes both virtually and in person.

Shane Skinner, the owner of {DEVADiGM}, prides himself on being an educator at heart. {DEVADiGM} has been offering various types of training from day 1 and WordPress consists of over 75% of our training hours. With the platform being so popular and so many business owners taking on a DIY mindset, it’s no wonder that the interest and need for effective WordPress training has increased. To help meet our clients’ needs, we have developed multiple training options to teach how to manage their WordPress websites. For a custom, alternative option for WordPress Training, email us at sales@devadigm.com.

WordPress Training Options:

WordPress Boot Camp

Devadigm conducts WordPress Boot camp training's at Alison Caron Design's Studio on Cape Cod

Shane conducts WordPress Boot Camp training classes at Alison Caron Designs’ studio in Hyannis. In this extensive, one-day course you will learn how to create and manage a WordPress website, including some SEO best practices. We cover how to create and edit a site, and keep it maintained and secure. Shane will teach you what all the WordPress jargon means, including core, themes, plugins, pages, posts, Gutenberg, widgets, categories, and more.

The boot camp is a 1-day class from 10am – 5pm in downtown Hyannis and lunch is included.

Only $199!

Email sskinner@devadigm.com to learn when the next class will be scheduled.

Individual Training

Devadigm offers one-on-one WordPress Training to help you learn the basics of how to manage and edit your WordPress site. We meet with our Cape Cod clients or can train via Skype.

The benefit of our individualized training is that we’ll go over your WordPress site with you and can customize the training based on your needs and experience. Whether you’re wondering what all the links on the dashboard are, what the heck Gutenberg is, or are looking to edit your new theme and add some plugins, we can help you achieve your goals.

Options start at $125. Schedule a session today to improve your WordPress skills!

WordPress Training Email Mini-Series

We created a free email mini-series WordPress Training for those of you who want to learn a few tidbits at a time over a week or two.

Free. Subscribe Here

Tips and Resources on our blog

We blog about various web presence topics, including WordPress.

Free. Check it out

Small Business Web Presence Facebook Group

The Small Business Web Presence Facebook Group is a new group started by Devadigm to give small businesses and entrepreneurs a place to collaborate, learn, and share ideas on how to improve their business. Although not solely focused on WordPress, there will be discussions regarding the platform and you are encouraged to post questions you have there. The group is a ‘closed’ group to keep spammers out, but all professionals are welcome to join.

Free. Join the Group today!

Cape Cod WordPress Meetup

WordPress Cape Cod is a meetup for WordPress users. The focus of our meetups is WordPress. Anyone who uses, works with, or wants to learn more about WordPress is invited! We meet on the 2nd Thursday of every month at CapeSpace in Hyannis.

Free. Dates and More Info can be found at https://capecodwp.org

Do you have other ideas for WordPress Training? Any specific questions or topics you’d like to learn about? Feel free to post on our Facebook page or group or email us directly at sales@devadigm.com.