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Devadigm [Dev-uh-dime] is a mashup of “development” and “paradigm”. We created this name and brand because we develop the paradigm of your web presence. We work with clients to create a consistent, relevant, and successful brand message across all their utilized digital platforms. Our primary focus is to solve problems and help clients exceed their goals.

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We help small business owners and entrepreneurs like you focus on growing your business and customer base. We successfully manage your web projects while you do what you do best — manage your business. Any Web Developer can build a website, but we do more to help set you up for success. Devadigm designs, develops, and maintains web sites (both custom coded and WordPress sites), creates and manages social media marketing campaigns, manages Facebook Ads and Google Adwords campaigns, generates newsletters, manages SEO, Graphic Design including logos, offers photography packages for our Cape Cod area clients, copy writing, data entry, and much more!

Suggestions for Success


Creating Your Avatar

Clearly identifying your target audience avatar and determining how to provide them value is the first step to improving your marketing results and growing your business.

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What do I do with my new Website?

I have a new website, now what do I do with it? We get asked this relatively often and decided to create this article to help new site owners get started on the right track.

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How to Create a Blog Post on WordPress

This step-by-step tutorial explains how to create a post on WordPress. WordPress makes it simple to add blog posts to a website.

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