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Devadigm Develops Responsive, High Quality Websites

Devadigm, a Cape Cod Web Developer, designs and develops high quality, mobile responsive websites.

{DEVADiGM} designs and develops responsive, customer focused websites using the latest technologies. We build and maintain user friendly WordPress sites. Additionally, we custom code websites, primarily using coding languages such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.

We cater to many types of clients and their businesses. There are countless types of industries, and personalities who run them. Some entrepreneurs prefer to be involved in every aspect of building their online business. Some would rather give us the general idea of what they would like to see, and give our team the creative freedom to bring it to fruition. Needless to say, we ensure you are happy throughout the process. You need an inspiring and professional web presence. We are here for you to provide knowledge and support. We want you to succeed!

Web Development and Web Design

If you’ve been thinking about starting a website, you’ve probably come across the terms “web development” and “web design”. While they sound a lot alike, the two phrases are not interchangeable! Both web development and web design play an essential role in making your website attractive and easy to navigate. If you want your site to operate seamlessly, you can’t have one without the other. However, you should know the difference between the two.

Image of an Architect, depicting Graphic Design for Websites. Devadigm designs and develops websites and manages digital projects

Think of Web Designers as the Architects writing the blueprints for the site. They are responsible for the aesthetics of the website. Web design is creating the structure, layout, branding, colors, and graphics.

Think of Web Developers as the Construction Workers building the site from the ground up. Web development is the setup and coding of the website.

Devadigm develops responsive websites and manages digital projects

Many Web Developers are excellent at writing code, but are not skilled with the design aspect. Similarly, few graphic designers are highly skilled at writing code.

When you hire {DEVADiGM} to manage your website project, you are hiring a team of skilled professionals, with specific areas of focus and expertise. We will work with you to determine the best layout and design for your site. We will also help you select the appropriate platform to build it. This may either be completely custom coded specific to your needs, or with existing themed platforms such as WordPress. We will then develop, test, and launch your site, analyzing its performance, and adjusting accordingly.


Devadigm designs and develops WordPress websites

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS), which is utilized by nearly 1 out of every 3 websites today. It has grown from a blogging platform to a full-fledged website development and maintenance tool. It has been a key factor in the growth of online marketing and many other lines of business.

Its popularity and widespread usage is due in large part to its ease of use. WordPress uses themes to setup the layout of a website and has thousands of free themes available to choose from. In addition, there are many great themes available for purchase including premade yet highly customizable options as well as others that are completely customized to your specifications.

In addition to themes, WordPress also has several thousand plugins available. Plugins extend the functionality and performance of the site and their usages range widely from things like adding social media icons to your pages to providing spam blocking services. (Find our plugin recommendations on our Tips and Resources page.)

Another reason WordPress is so popular remains to be its blogging capabilities. A hand-coded website typically requires changes to be made by the Web Developer or Web Master updating the site files and uploading the new files to the host. WordPress allows anyone with login access and security permissions to upload and edit content immediately.

When considering a WordPress site, be sure to budget for ongoing maintenance and security.

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