Use Your About Page Content to Differentiate Your Business

Almost every website has an About or About Us page that is meant to be a place to speak to visitors about the site, owner, business, or organization. These pages are meant to give visitors to the site more in-depth information about a company, details that may not be included on the home, contact or product/service pages. Unfortunately, many businesses do not maximize the potential of this page to differentiate themselves from their competition. Here are some tips on how to create About page content that is persuasive and sells your business.

What Makes Your Business Unique?

The About page content should address what makes your business unique. This page is not about what you do or what you sell; it is about you or your company. What are you proud of as a business beyond the products and services you offer? You will see plenty of companies list when they opened, who was the founder and a basic history of the business. While these are fine to include, they do not tell the customer what your company is really “about.” Here are some ideas on what to include:

  • Why you started your business
  • Is your business family-owned? Employee-owned?
  • Is your business involved in the community? Charities?
  • Talk about your employees – training, credentials, etc.
  • Your commitment to the quality of your product/service
  • What you offer that your competition does not

Customers care about the integrity of the companies they do business with – give your website visitors a peek into what makes your company stand out from the crowd.

Reveal Your Values in the About Page Content

The About page copy is a place to create a connection with potential customers. Talk about your company values and philosophy. You want to build trust and reveal a more personal side of your business. The About page is a place to make your business more than another faceless entity trying to sell something. Talk about what you and your team care about to make that connection to your customers. Use some humor if it is appropriate or share your dreams for your company. This is a chance to make a relationship with a potential customer.

Brag a Little

It is okay to toot your own horn in the About page content. This is a place to talk about what your business has accomplished. Mention your achievements, from how long you have been in business to combined experience, accolades and awards. Customers visit the About page to learn more about the company and why they should do business with them. Give them great reasons to want to buy what you are selling.

Add Pictures or Videos to your About Page

Shane Skinner, owner of Devadigm giving a thumbs up to writing a good About page.

As they say, a picture can say a thousand words. Images of important moments in your business’ history or videos with your team can personalize your About page. Use images that emphasize the message in your About page copy.

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