Tips for Writing Home Page Content for Your Website

In today’s digitally-focused world, every business needs a website. One of the key performance factors of any website is creating a home page that grabs the attention of online visitors. Let’s talk about how to write home page content that is engaging and impactful – here are some tips on creating a distinctive and effective home page for your website.

Content Matters - Tips by Devadigm for Writing Home Page Content for Your WebsiteContent Matters - Tips by Devadigm for Writing Home Page Content for Your Website

Talk With Your Web Developer

or Web Designer

Website designers and developers – at {DEVADiGM}, we do both – are your source for creating a website that is highly-visible, eye-catching, and easy to navigate. If you are working with a website developer, they can give you parameters on how to format and size your home page content. Most home pages will have a minimum of 300 words, but formatting can be all over the board. Deciding on the format can help you choose how you will deliver your message to make the impact you desire on potential new customers.

Five Elements to Include in Your Home Page Content

To keep your visitors interest

When a potential customer clicks on to your website, you have a brief amount of time to make that crucial positive first impression. Beyond colors, images, and overall design, you need to have a clear, concise message. You want to catch their attention quickly and make them want to learn more about what your business can offer them. Here are five elements that should be included in your home page content.

  1. An Effective Tagline or Headline Message
    The top tagline or headline should make a clear statement about your business. What makes your business or product unique or impresses people the most? The top tagline should grab their attention and make them want to read more.
  2. Benefits for the Customer
    It is easy to get sidetracked writing about what makes your business great, but the home page should be all about the customer. Speak to the customer on why they will benefit from choosing your product or service. That is what they want to hear and what will keep them engaged. Hit on the main points of why and how your business can benefit them.
  3. Bullet Your Services or Products
    What do you offer? Make it quick and easy for customers to skim your homepage and see what products or services you offer. These should be bulleted or highlighted to make them stand out. You can also use images or icons to break up the text and bring attention to each service or product.
  4. What Makes Your Company Great?
    Why should the customer choose your company over the competition? Briefly share your experience, expertise, accreditations, accolades, and other testimony to what makes your business the best.
  5. Call to Action
    Finally, at the end of your homepage content, you should ask for their business. A call to action or CTA invites the customer to call you or contact you online to learn more about your product or service. Mention if you have new customer offers or free quotes – anything to entice them to make the next move.

Obviously, not everyone is a great writer – however, you do want to make sure that your home page content is well-written and it is simple to read. Avoid industry jargon unless it is appropriate to your audience and keep the content concise. It is worthwhile to hire a professional content writer to create your home page content if you can fit the service into your budget.

If you are building a new website or want to create a more effective version, contact us at {DEVADiGM}. We are your source for website development, designing and maintenance on Cape Cod. Contact us today to schedule a free introductory call to discuss your website needs.

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