Devadigm manages web and mobile projects
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Project Management

Devadigm manages web and mobile projects

{DEVADiGM} manages web and mobile projects, allowing you to do what you do best — manage your business. Although project management isn’t a new concept, we find that the role is uncommon in the digital world. Most Advertising Agencies handle a few services, such as graphic design, copy writing, and content marketing, similar to how some Web Developers also setup analytics and SEO. However, there aren’t many companies that offer a full digital project management service like {DEVADiGM} does.

Our project management style is simple to explain. We learn about your business needs and goals, target audience, expectations, and budget. Then we take it from there and manage your digital projects, which helps you generate more leads, customers, revenue, and results to allow you the freedom to focus on your products and services.

Although every small business is unique with different needs, there are some things that are always true:

  • Businesses need a website as the foundation of their web presence
  • The website must be geared towards and appealing to the businesses target audience
  • The site should have a clear primary purpose
  • The site should be refreshed regularly with new information and updated software
  • Websites must track their analytics and traffic and adjust accordingly
  • Websites need to implement consistent and continual SEO practices
  • Most small businesses should have a social media presence
  • Most small businesses would benefit from email marketing campaigns

{DEVADiGM’s} project management capabilities cover all this and more!

Why Project Management?

You’ll save money by hiring {DEVADiGM} to manage your digital projects by not having to pay premiums to multiple contractors or vendors. Also, letting the experts do it for you will save you valuable time. There isn’t a smarter way to set your business up for success!

For an overview of what we offer, view our Services.

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