Is your Contact Page Optimized for Conversions?

Did you know the contact page is one of the most frequently visited pages of many websites? With this high volume of activity, it is surprising how often this page is underutilized in providing valuable information to potential customers. Many contact pages seem to be added as an afterthought instead of using this page to increase sales and differentiate a business. To optimize your contact page, consider including these elements in your content and design.

Short and Sweet

Your contact page content should be short and to the point, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be dull. Customers should be able to quickly find that contact information they are seeking – bulleted or sectional areas can provide easy access to the various ways to contact your company. However, you should be using this opportunity to differentiate your company by including brief selling points or benefits.

Contact Page Information

What contact information should you provide on your contact page? For brick and mortar businesses, this can include address, phone number, hours, email and directions/map. For online businesses, email and a phone number are commonly provided. Both types of businesses can provide an online contact form – only ask for essential information required for a response like a name, email and reason for contact. Asking for too much personal information like a physical address or phone number can deter customers from using your online form and lower conversion rates.

Copywriting tips for optimizing a contact page by Devadigm, a Cape Cod Web Developer

Link Your Social Media

Customers go to the contact page for many reasons. Some may be existing customers that just need to get ahold of your business; others may be new potential customers curious about where your company is located or based. Regardless of why they click on the page, it is an opportunity to connect with them and build your brand. Make sure to include your social media links for customers who want to learn more about your business.

Call to Action

Do not miss the chance to convert a visitor to your website into a customer. A straightforward call to action or CTA should be included. Reiterate why they should contact your business and how your business can benefit them, then invite them to call, email, come in or submit the contact form as the next step to receive those benefits.

Show Your Personality

Make a lasting impression by showing off your business’ personality. Images, colors and design, as well as statements that highlight humor, passion or credibility should be incorporated into your contact page.

Your contact page can be a valuable tool to differentiate your business. Do not stop with just a utilitarian contact form or basic location information. At {DEVADiGM}, we are your source for web development on Cape Cod (and worldwide). Our team can help you make the most of every page on your website, including designing a contact page that can increase your visitor conversions. Contact us today to learn more about optimizing your website to grow your business and brand.

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