How to Setup a Black Friday Sale on your Website

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great opportunities for retailers and any other B2C business selling a product or service. Most Americans are full from Thanksgiving leftovers and are ready to bargain shop for good deals. Not having a promotion at that time makes it easy for your business to get overlooked. This video and tutorial show you how to set up sales and special promotions using the Black Friday Deals plugin from Pimwick Plugins. This plugin allows you to quickly setup sales for active products in WooCommerce. Don’t let the name of this WordPress plugin limit your thinking, it can be used for promotions throughout the year.

Black Friday Deal Requirements:

  1. WooCommerce installed and setup with at least one active product.
  2. Black Friday Deals plugin from Pimwick Plugins

Creating a Black Friday Deal

Once you have purchased and installed the plugin you would log into your WordPress dashboard, hover over Pimwick plugins and then click on black Friday deals.

Link to the Black Friday Deals Plugin in WordPress

A thoughtful feature that they included is the fact that they have the dates for Black Friday and Cyber Monday already set up for the current year. Click on your desired date or if you are creating a promotion for a different time, click on “Other”.

Screenshot of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Plugin

You can rename the event if you’d like to and then choose to either keep the preset date and times for the promotion or extend it if you want to run it for multiple days. Then click “Save”.

Screenshot of the schedule for creating Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals by Devadigm

Types of Black Friday Promos

Next, you need to start thinking about what products or services you’re going to have on sale and what type of promotion. Are you going to offer a percentage or fixed dollar amount discount or a buy one get one (BOGO) sale?

Click on “Create a deal”.

Dashboard to Create a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deal in WooCommerce on a WordPress website

Each event, such as Black Friday, can have multiple different promotions. Start by creating your first deal for your event. There are a few options – you can choose a category or individual products that are set up with WooCommerce. If you watch the video above, you’ll see me create a few examples. One example is to offer a sale on gift cards. In this instance, you would search for gift cards in the product list, choose the applicable product. Alternatively, you can select a category, such as “Bracelets” which would apply the discount to every product in that category. You’ll note that below the product list is a list for excluded products. This is a handy feature for limited category sales. If the bracelet promotion was only for women’s bracelets, you would add men’s bracelets to the excluded list. Click “Next”.

Choose a product or product category to Create a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deal in WooCommerce on a WordPress website

Then you will be given the option to choose what type of sale this is. Choose from a percentage discount (like 20% off), a fixed amount discount (like $10 off), or a BOGO (like Buy one shirt and get another one half off). Click “Next”.

Choose the type of promotion for a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Promo in WooCommerce on a WordPress website. Dollar amount discount, percentage discount, or buy one get one (BOGO).

After setting up the sale type, you have a few options to consider. The Black Friday Deals Plugin has the option of requiring a coupon code in order to receive the promotion. This can be a good way to track marketing efforts.

As a side note, a common practice in Digital Marketing is to create multiple coupon codes for the same offer and use a unique code on each platform. This allows you to review the number of sales with each code to determine the success of each marketing effort.

If you exclude a coupon code by leaving the field blank, the discount will be automatically applied to the product.

Another option is to limit the quantity of the product that can receive the sale price. Perhaps you want to limit the promotion to 1 per person. This is where you would set a limit on the number of items that an individual can receive the discount on, and then click “Next”.

The next page asks you to name the deal. This is the name that your customers will see on the front end of your website, so make sure it clearly identifies the sale. Additionally, you can choose whether to show the promotion expiration date on the product page. Click “Finish” and that special is saved as part of the promotional event that you created.

Dashboard to Create the name for a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale in WooCommerce on a WordPress website

At this point you can save and exit or add additional sales to your event.

Dashboard to View your Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotions in WooCommerce on a WordPress website

Time to Generate Sales!

As you can see, a sale could be set up in just a matter of minutes and scheduled to start and stop on the days and times that you choose. After an event is created, you can add, edit, or delete promotions, add a countdown to the event start time onto your website, or delete the event.

I recommend utilizing the Black Friday Deals plugin from Pimwick plugins year-round to offer various promotions to your customers. If you’d like help developing and implementing a marketing strategy or setting up promotions to sell your products or services, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!

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