How to Get a Website in 3 Steps

There are three steps to take in order get a website. Feel free to contact us and we’ll take the steps needed for you to get a website right away. If you’re a DIY’er or just like to know how the process works, here are the steps:

Domain Name Registration

Choose a domain (url) and register it with a domain registrar. There are many registrars to choose from, but we recommend Google Domains.


The 1st step is to Register a Domain

Registering your domain name is akin to buying a piece of land; You’re buying your website address. There are a few factors to consider when choosing a company to register your domain with. Ease of use, price, hosting options, and privacy are all important factors. Many domain registrars charge an annual fee to keep your personal information private. Without domain privacy, your personal contact information is made public on sites like and even worse, sold to anyone willing to pay a little money resulting in a lot of spam emails and calls. As a Web Developer who has purchased hundreds of domains, I can tell you how annoying it is to start receiving phone calls and dozens of emails within a day or two of buying a domain without privacy. This is the reason I started looking for a good registrar to use consistently. After trying many (Go Daddy, Site Ground, Dreamhost, Blue Host, Host Gator, Name Cheap, and Network Solutions (who is the worst) to name some, I found and became happy with Google Domains. Not only do they offer domain privacy for free, but they have a simple to use interface and most .coms are only $12/year. Another benefit is that your business Google account will also be used for your Google My Business page, Google Analytics, and possibly an API for Google Maps if you want to include a map to your physical location on your website. It is convenient to have all of these services on one account and it reduces the chances of login credentials being lost or forgotten.

I strongly encourage you to purchase your own domain registration. I have had a few clients and received calls from other potential clients who didn’t have access to their domain registration account for various reasons and it can be a challenge. Especially if the credit card expires or auto renew isn’t turned on and the domain registration isn’t renewed. Even if you’re “not a techie”, it’s simple to register a domain, especially if you pick a good registrar.

Domain Hosting

Sign up for a hosting plan. You can either sign up with a web development company like {DEVADiGM} or go directly to a provider, such as Site Ground.


The 2nd Step is to get your website hosted

Website files are hosted on a computer server. To have a live site on the web, you need to sign up with a domain hosting provider and create a hosting account. This is an important decision to make because there are many options to choose from and you need to make sure that your plan has the features you need to manage your website efficiently and effectively. Some features to look for include SSL Certificates, Email Hosting, Staging Sites, Site Backups, and more. You can either sign up with a web development company like {DEVADiGM} or go directly to a provider, such as Site Ground.

Build the Website

Websites can be developed on a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress or custom coded.


Step 3 is to Design and Develop the Website

{DEVADiGM} can help you with any phase of the process. We’re an experienced and Top Notch WordPress development company and are also adept at developing custom coded websites using the latest HTML and CSS techniques. Before starting the development of a website, think through the project and speak to an experienced professional for some feedback regarding what platform to choose. There are downsides to using some website builders and it’s important to make sure that your website and content belongs to you and is able to be migrated in the future.

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