How to Create a LearnDash Quiz

How to create a LearnDash Quiz

In this video (or the tutorial below), I’m going to show you how to create a quiz using the LearnDash LMS WordPress plugin.

What is an LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a resource used for generating courses and quizzes on websites. These can be client facing, such as courses for students or quizzes to learn more about clients wants and needs. A Learning Management System can also be used internally, such as for employee training or surveys.

Why LearnDash?

LearnDash is a great tool for creating digital courses and quizzes. You can offer them for free or sell your courses using the plugins built-in e-commerce capabilities. LearnDash is integrated with the Gutenberg block editor, so creating and editing content is similar working on a post or page. It can also be used on sites built with a page builder.

How to Create a LearnDash Quiz

If you’re trying to learn how to create a quiz on a WordPress website, you’re in the right place! Quizzes can be created as part of a course or as a standalone item. This tutorial is going to show you how to create a quiz using the LearnDash LMS plugin.


  • A licensed version of the LearnDash LMS Plugin Installed on a WordPress website
  • A list of the questions and answers for the quiz

WordPress Quiz Settings

Log into your WordPress Dashboard and go to LearnDash > Quizzes > Settings.

Screen shot 1 of the question setup from the LearnDash LMS WordPress Plugin.

One of the first things you’ll want to do when you create your first quiz is to setup your Settings. Enter in the email address where you’d like to receive the administrator notifications when a user submits a quiz and choose the settings for the information Administrators and Users. One helpful feature is the option to share quiz questions across multiple quizzes, which saves the time from having to recreate them.

How to Create Quiz Questions

There are two ways to add questions to a quiz. You can create global questions, which can be used on multiple quizzes or you can create questions within the quiz.

To create a global question, go to LearnDash LMS > Questions > Add New. Here you can enter the question title, question, answer, and point value. We’ll go into more detail regarding this setup below in the WordPress Quiz Builder section. Note that there is a Settings tab in which you can associate the question with a quiz. In order to use global questions on a quiz, you’ll need to come back here and associate the question with that quiz after you create it.

Create a LearnDash Quiz

Go to LearnDash LMS > All Quizzes > Add New to create a new quiz.

Screen shot 2 of the question setup from the LearnDash LMS WordPress Plugin.

As I mentioned, one of the nice things about this plugin is that creating a quiz is similar to creating a WordPress page or post. This “Quiz Page” is the landing page that people will see when they go to take your quiz. This is the place to enter a title and description of what the quiz is about.

WordPress Quiz Builder

The Quiz “Builder” tab is where you’ll add or create the questions for your quiz.

Screen shot 3 of the question setup from the LearnDash LMS WordPress Plugin.

First, if you have created global questions and associated them with this quiz, they will appear in the right sidebar under “Questions”. You can check the checkbox and click “add” or drag and drop it to add it to the quiz.

To create a new question, click on “New Question” in the bottom left of the quiz dashboard. In the “enter a title” field, enter a label for backend users to see the different questions I usually just put in the question itself as a label, but sometimes I’ll change it if I want to be more succinct.

Once you’ve created your label and clicked on “Add Question”, you’ll need to click on the drop down on the right to open the question.

The “Question” field is what the user will see as they’re taking the quiz, so be sure to word it correctly.

Quiz Question Types

Screen shot 4 of the question setup from the LearnDash LMS WordPress Plugin.

Next, choose what type of a question this is. The LearnDash LMS plugin offers several types of questions to use in a quiz.

Single choice – There is only one correct answer.
Multiple choice – There are multiple correct answers.
Free choice – The user types in the answer.
Sorting – You have multiple options and the user has to drag and drop to put them in the correct order. This is common for an order of events.
Matrix sorting – A more advanced version of the sorting.
Fill in the blank – The question will be missing one or two words and the user has to type in the answers that fill in the blank spaces.
Assessments – Survey


Another feature is that you can adjust the scoring for each question. If the quiz includes a point system, you can adjust the point value for each question. To adjust the point value for each question, click on “1 point” next to the question type dropdown, change the value, and click save.

After entering the question, choosing the type of question, and setting the point value, it’s time to add in some answers. Click on “Click here to edit the answer” and enter the first answer option. Then click “Update Answer”. Next, click “New Answer” and add another answer option. Continue for each option you want to include and then be sure to click on “Correct” to mark the correct answer(s).

Tip: Change the order of correct and incorrect answers for each question and the order can be adjusted by drag and drop.

Question Settings

Another popular feature in LearnDash lies in the Question Settings. It has the option to provide feedback to the user after answering each question and the feedback can be customized for correct or incorrect answers. This enables you to enter responses, such as congratulatory feedback for correct answers or provide the correct answer or more information if the user answers incorrectly.

Screen shot 5 of the question setup from the LearnDash LMS WordPress Plugin.

Tip: These two fields allow html, so with a little code you can link to other pages or resources. I like to utilize this when a user chooses the wrong answer by providing a link to content that explains the correct answer.

Additionally, you can offer solution hints which are helpful for test takers who may not understand the question or may need a refresher on the topic.

Be sure to click save when you are finished with the quiz settings.

Continue adding questions the same way until you have finished setting up the quiz. To see examples of other question types being setup, watch the video. (You can fast forward to 4:30 to get to this point).

After you have finished creating the quiz, click on the “Settings” tab. Here you can add the quiz to a lesson and/or course if desired as well as setup other settings. Some options include selecting who can take the quiz and what is a passing score. Additionally, you can set a time limit and add a certificate for those who earn a passing score.

When finished, click on “Publish”.

The quiz will generate its own page as well as a shortcode. If you’d like to add the quiz into a page, go to LearnDash LMS > Quizzes to find the shortcode. If you would like to add the quiz to your navigation menu, you can read this article to learn how.

I hope this helped you learn how to create a quiz using the LearnDash plugin! If you would like help setting up LearnDash on a WordPress website, contact us.

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