How to Create a Menu with the WordPress Food and Drink Menu Plugin

It is essential that restaurants have a professional looking website that includes an accurate and quickly accessible menu. Many restaurant goers want to look at menu items before arriving or even choosing which restaurant to go to. Not having an updated menu on your website results in missed revenue opportunities. One option for adding your restaurant menu to a WordPress website is the Food and Drink Menu plugin. This video and tutorial will show you how to use the Food and Drink Menu plugin to set up a restaurant menu on a WordPress website.


Food and Drink Menu plugin installed and activated

Food and Drink Menu Plugin Sections

While logged into your WordPress dashboard, hover over “Menus” in the sidebar and click on “Menu Sections”.

Then create your desired section. This can be any type of menu section you’d like, such as lunch, dinner, desserts, or appetizers.

Some WordPress themes will show the description of the menu sections, so enter in a description of the menu or special notes, such as “Entrees include fries and the vegetable of the day”.

Click “Add New Menu Section”.

The section will be saved right away and then the menu can be created.

Screen shot to add a Menu Section with the Food and Drink Menu Plugin
Screen shot to create a menu with the Food and Drink Menu Plugin

Restaurant Menus

Hover over “Menus” and click on “Menus”.

Click on “Add menu” and enter the name.

Then scroll down to the “Menu Layout” area. In the “Available Sections” box, click on the desired menu and drag it into the column. And as you can see, you have the option of having two columns which is helpful if you have several sections in a menu.

Click on “Publish”.

Screenshot of the menu layout area

Adding Menu Items in the Food and Drink Menu Plugin

Click on “Menu Items” and then click on “Add Menu Item”.

Adding a menu item is similar to creating a post or a page using Gutenberg. Add your title and description. You can also add a keyphrase if you have an SEO plugin such as Yoast installed.

The Document Properties section on the right has fields to add the menu item to a section, add a photo if the dish, and add a price.

Add the menu item to the appropriate section(s).

Open the “Item Photo” dropdown and click on “Set item photo” to add an image.

In the “Price” input field, type the dollar amount of the item and click on “Add Price”.

You can also choose the order of the post, just like you can with posts and pages.

Click on “Publish”.

If you have more items to add to the menu, click on “Add Menu Item” and repeat the steps in this section.

Screen shot of the Add new menu section

Add the Menu to a Page

Now that you have created a menu, a section, and added at least one menu item to the section, the last step is to create the page to display it. If you’re not sure how to create a page in WordPress, you can learn how in this article.

While in the page that you’d like to add the menu to, click the + to add a new block and search for Menu. You’ll see that the food and drink menu plugin has blocks for showing an entire menu, just a section, or even just a single item.

Once you’ve added the desired menu to the page, click “Publish”.

That is how to create a menu using the food and drink menu plugin.

Although this isn’t a difficult process, it can be time consuming to add a restaurant menu onto a website. Don’t let your busy schedule stop you from properly servicing your customers and potential customers. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to add your menu to your website.

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