How to Add an Appointment with the Booking Calendar Plugin

One of the benefits of using the Booking Calendar WordPress Plugin is that you (or an employee) can log into the WordPress dashboard and add appointments. This is especially helpful when clients call or walk-in and want to make an appointment. Keeping all of your appointments in the Booking Calendar will help you manage your schedule and avoid scheduling conflicts. This video and tutorial will show you how to add an appointment with the Booking Calendar plugin on WordPress.


  • Booking Calendar plugin active and at least 1 resource setup on a WordPress website.
  • Login access to the website. (Note: The premium version of the plugin allows the ability to choose what WordPress role(s) can view and edit the calendar).

Add an Appointment using the Booking Calendar Plugin

Log into the dashboard.

Hover over ‘Booking’ and click on ‘Add Booking’.

Choose which resource you want to book the appointment for and the assigned calendar will appear.

The available days will be highlighted in the color chosen in the settings – the default is gray. Days that have limited availability due to appointments being booked (when using hourly appointments) are colored differently.

Just chose the date and time (if applicable) and fill out any information that may be included in your setup. The example shown here and in the video is for a medical office, so we ask for the patients’ name, their date of birth, address, phone number, and more. Your form may look different.

After you enter in the necessary information, you have to accept the terms and conditions (and should explain them to the customer).

I recommend keeping the email notification checkbox checked as doing so will have an email sent to the customer with a reminder of the date and time of their appointment. If the email responses are setup correctly, the email will also include the information you entered, so if there is anything that isn’t accurate, they’ll have an opportunity to contact you to correct it.

Click on ‘Send’.

Screenshot of a WordPress dashboard with the Add new Booking link.

Confirm your Appointment Booking

Now you will see the appointment in the Bookings tab. Also, if you have limited your bookings, you’ll notice that the day/time you chose isn’t available on the website anymore.

I hope this was helpful and that you now understand how to add an appointment with the Booking Calendar Plugin on WordPress.

If you would like help setting up or editing an appointment setting calendar plugin such as this one on your WordPress website, please contact us.

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