How to Add a Directory Listing with Listdom

A Directory Listing Plugin can be a useful way to display multiple listings on a website. Most digital directory listings are categorized and can be filtered by categories and attributes. A directory of restaurants should be filterable by attributes such as city, meal, price range, and hours. A directory that lists members of an organization could be filterable by department, year joined, gender, or membership level.

Screenshot of an example if a Directory listing built with the Listdom WordPress plugin by Devadigm, the top notch Cape Cod Web Developer


  • Listdom plugin purchased and installed
  • Shortcode created

Why use the Listdom Directory Plugin?

I have been using the Listdom Directory plugin on more sites recently for two primary reasons.

First, it has several built-in template designs to choose from. There are multiple options for grid views, list views, and options with and without a map. Additionally, there are other view options, such as slider and carousel, masonry, and cover view. These options help to achieve the desired look quickly and professionally.

Screenshot of a directory listing example from the Listdom WordPress Plugin
Screenshot of a directory listing example from the Listdom WordPress Plugin

Second, the search and filter options are some of the best I have found. The templates I mentioned also have multiple layouts available for including the search options at the top of the Directory page or in the sidebar. Listdom has the option to filter and search by attributes such as category, location, tags, features, labels, and more.

Screenshot of a directory Search box example from the Listdom WordPress Plugin

One of the template search options even has a “More option” button that will open up additional search options to allow the user to narrow down their results further.

Detailed directory listing Search box example from the Listdom WordPress Plugin

How to add a directory listing

To add a new listing with the Listdom Directory plugin, log into your WordPress dashboard. From there, hover over “Listings” and click on “Add Listing”. From this point on, the process is similar to adding a page or a post with the addition that you’ll be filling in the attribute fields that you have created globally.

Screenshot of the WordPress Dashboard add a Listdom directory listing option

Enter the title, which is typically the name of the business or person that the listing is for. Next, enter a description of the listing in the body field if desired.

Listdom Directory Listing Attributes

The attribute section shows a list of the global attributes that you have created with Listdom. In this image, you’ll see that we have a directory of members of an organization, so the attributes include basic contact information.

Screenshot of custom attribute fields such as mailing address, email, and phone.

In this example, you’ll see there are detail fields for a business. The “Listing link” field is a redirect link for the listing. When a url is entered here, the listing will appear in the Directory, but when a user clicks on the listing to view it, they will instead be redirected to this link.

Screenshot of adding details into a directory.

Member Access Options

If your WordPress website includes a membership plugin, such a Restrict Content Pro, you will have the option of limiting access to the listing to members only. Depending on the plugin, this could include limiting listings to specific membership levels or everyone as well as whether to include an excerpt of the listing to users who are not logged in.

Screenshot of the option to restrict a directory to members only

Directory Settings

The Listdom WordPress Directory Listing page offers the same settings as when you add a page or post with a few additional attributes. You can select a featured image and add tags and categories. Additionally, there are other setting options for attributes such as locations and labels.

Screenshot of the setting options for the Listdom directory listing plugin. Options include Permalink, locations, tags, features, labels, featured image, layout, and category.

Publishing a Directory Listing

After you have entered your directory information and updated the settings, click on “Publish” to put your listing live on your website.

As you can see, the Listdom Directory Listing plugin makes it relatively easy to add listings to a website directory once it has been setup. If you would like to save time and have Devadigm update your directory listings for you, contact us today!

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