1 Day Website

Our new 1-day website service is a great option for Cape Cod organizations that want to be involved in all aspects of the website design and development project as well as those that are on a limited budget.

What is a 1-Day Website?

A 1-Day Website is a service where a Web Developer and the client meet for an entire day and build a new website together. Working hand in hand, the client creates/provides content and direction while the developer builds the website.

How much can you really accomplish in 1 day?

A typical 1-day website includes 5-7 pages. Typical options include Home, About, Services, and Contact. We can also setup a blog, create a landing page for marketing, and more. Of course, we’ll want to protect your business by adding a privacy policy and any other necessary legal policies.

We’ll work with you to prioritize your wish list and complete items in that order. We’ll launch the new site and test it together on various devices and browsers.

What are the limitations? What can’t be done?

eCommerce takes time and details that, in order to be done effectively, aren’t included in a 1-day-website agenda. Same with in-depth custom coding or big bells and whistles.

What if I want eCommerce or other bells & whistles?

That’s fine! We have two options. We could still move forward with a 1-day-website project, get the foundation of the site built, and then add on eCommerce or other functionality later. Alternatively, Devadigm can provide a quote for the entire project as a normal development project, foregoing the 1-day-website option.

What does the day look like?

A typical 1-day website agenda looks something like this:
8:00 – Meet and review the days agenda and discuss priorities over coffee.
8:15 – Get started working assigned tasks and building the site.
12:00 – Lunch (Delivered from a local restaurant)
4:00 – Finish up and review and test the site. Launch the new site and complete post-launch testing. Make additional edits if time allows.
5:00 – All done!

What kind of tasks would the client have to do?

The client’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Provide all content for the site. Write/provide text, provide images, etc.
  • Provide links to other websites with examples of design/layout/sections that you like/dislike to assist in the design of the site.
  • Review pages on the site as they’re completed, provide a list of desired edits, and then approval for launch.
  • Assist in testing the site on various browsers and devices at the time of launch.